Long Haul Flights: How to Afford Them

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Everyone should have the opportunity to experience and learn new things outside of their ‘comfort-zones’, beyond their spheres of custom. However, when it comes to physical travel, flights aren’t cheap, especially long haul flights.

Whilst I may be lucky that I grew up in the UK, with EU countries and access to different cultures in such close proximity – Paris is only an hour away – I know this isn’t the case for everyone. So I want to share a tip on finding cheap long haul flights.

STA Travel Flights

I came across STA Travel flights – an agency working to provide travel deals for students and under 31’s – whilst I was in university and used them a few times to book flights before I found the ‘Blue Ticket’ deal.

This deal ensured the lowest price and great flexibility when my partner and I bought our tickets to Australia. With Blue Ticket flights, you have the ability to put a deposit down and pay for the rest of your flight in instalments as and when you can before you leave.

As we only needed the deposit, we were able to book so far in advance without worrying about having the money to pay for the entire ticket upfront. This protected our savings in the long run. When we saw the perfect flight, for the cheapest rate, we pounced.

Long Haul Flight Tips

Some long haul flights require you to make a connection and if you call your travel agency sometimes they can arrange your connection to give you time to leave the airport. After finding our flights for Australia I called the company to ensure that everything was in order. I am so glad I did.

At our request, we managed to make this work and they arranged our flights so that, for no additional charges, we could spend a week in Hong Kong before arriving in Australia. This also meant we could break up our long haul flight of 24 hours into two stretches.

I highly recommend that everyone call to confirm all travel details. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially for long haul flights. You should check that connections are correct and enquire about schedule arrangement like we did.

If you want to book your flights months in advance and pay in convenient instalments whilst you save, use STA Travel and make sure you look for flights containing the ‘Blue Ticket’.

Let us know where you book your flights to and add #writtenfrom to your pictures so that we can keep up with your adventures.

Feature image: Negative Space – Pexels

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