5 Epic Australia Road Trips

Written From… Australia

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Australia is one of the world’s largest countries and with all its natural diversity, this is an ideal place to have an epic road trip. Seeing Australia from behind the wheel of a car or campervan is an unforgettable experience. Those planning to make this nation their next travel destination can find all sorts of ways to dive into authentic Australia experiences. These Australia road trips will take you into the interior, along the coast and pretty much everywhere in between. Set out on an adventure in one of the world’s most unique nations and see for yourself why so many people keep coming back here again and again.

Adelaide to Perth

Wine lovers and those who adore the coast can make this one their own. Start by sampling wine in the Barbarossa Valley, then at Port Lincoln, swim with local sea life. Bring your camping gear and admire the Great Australian Bight. You’ll be astonished at the multitude of stars that come out to greet you so far from home.

The plains of the Nullabor are there for those who wish to commune with nature and truly get away from it all. Then after days alone, you’ll find welcome company in the Cape le Grand National Park where many Australians come in search of hiking and beaches. Finish with a charming visit to the world’s longest wooden jetty before finally arriving in Perth.

Melbourne to Adelaide

With a distance of nearly a thousand kilometres, this journey can take anywhere from a week if you’re in a hurry or much longer if you have the time to linger. Begin your journey in vibrant Melbourne before heading on to the internationally famed delights of the Great Ocean Road. This road has a special place in the heart of many visitors, Australian and international alike. Picturesque Apollo Bay is definitely worth a stop.

If you’re aiming to see koalas in their native habitat, a visit to Great Otway National Park is a must. Many beaches here are relatively secluded, making it possible to find a place to enjoy the legendary surf away from crowds. This is a great place for seafood fans. You’ll find fish prepared in dozens of delicious ways in shops along your route. From baked to fried, you can enjoy them all in comfort in your campervan hire Sydney.

Darwin to Adelaide

Ariel view of Katherine Gorge

Those who are ready to explore the heart of Australia will find this journey an absolute dream come true. You’ll want to start your adventure with a tour of Darwin’s many highlights. Once you’re done, it’s time to head out of the city for more wild attractions.

A visit to Kakadu National Park brings travellers to one of the least seen but most wonderful corners of the nation. This immense park is home to a stunning variety of animal life, and also indigenous peoples who have lived in this area since prehistoric times.

Cruising through Katherine Gorge can keep your cool no matter the heat, before heading on to see the monumental Devil’s Marbles in person. After that, Alice Springs and the stunning sight of Uluru should be on any agenda. Round out the trip by picking out some opals in Coober Pedy before making your way to Adelaide.

Perth to Darwin

This road trip with a car hire Brisbane is one that will guide you to some of Western Australia’s most wonderful gems. As many who have come here before you will tell you, it’s well worth it.

Begin with some amazing coastal attractions: Monkey Mia lets you swim with dolphins in the Indian Ocean, And Nambung National Park and Cape Range National Park should also make the list as they offer some of Australia’s most iconic scenes. Try your luck in the Kimberleys and then push on to Darwin and the top of the nation.

Sydney to Cairns

Colourful coral in the great barrier reef
Image: Kyle Taylor, CC BY 2.0 via Flickr

If you’re really ready for a look at the Australian coast in great and magnificent depth, the over two thousand kilometre route from Sydney to Cairns is yours to enjoy. The Glass House Mountains offer amazing views across their entire region – make the time to take in the vistas before hitting the waves at Surfer’s Paradise then heading further north.

Agnes Water is where Captain Cook first landed on the shores of Australia and began the path to modern nationhood. Once in tropical Cairns, taking a tour of the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef is an absolute must. This is the diving opportunity of a lifetime so consider taking lessons before you leave home.

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