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People in a group on their phones

The Best Apps for Language Learning

Learning a new language has many advantages. From staving off medical conditions such as Alzheimers, to learning about a new culture, and helping when travelling. However, if you’ve never learnt

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Colourful buildings on Hong Kong island

8 Things to Do in Hong Kong

The minute I touched down on Hong Kong island, I fell in love with the city. The atmosphere from the backstreet hustle and bustle around the stores, and the calm

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Sky Line in Hong kong

Transport: Hong Kong City

When arriving into a new country one of the first things I always ask myself is “how do I use the public transport system”. I think this question comes from

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The roof with trees at the Crossrail Place Garden

Gardens in London: My Top Picks

England’s capital is home to wonderful green spaces – Royal gardens, small garden squares and gardens ceremoniously donated to London, like The Kyoto Garden. Basically, we have a lot of

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People walking in an airport

Long Haul Flights: How to Afford Them

Everyone should have the opportunity to experience and learn new things outside of their ‘comfort-zones’, beyond their spheres of custom. However, when it comes to physical travel, flights aren’t cheap,

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